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Lisa and Geoff Bardot recreate the “Married Life” of Up in an awesome photoshoot

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Reblog if you don’t care if someone is transgender, straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.

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As long as you’re willing to love, you’re alright in my book <3

 i fucking love this.

This is amazing <3

No H8

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When school ends

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The Drugstore Princess: Let's Talk About - Eyebrows!


It’s easy to go horribly wrong, but so worth it if it’s done correctly! Let us discuss the art that are eyebrows.


Firstly - Whether you fill your brows or not, please make sure that they are shapely and neat!

The eyebrows are actually the foundation of your face……


Lee Jeffries. Homeless in Miami.

Lee Jeffries from Manchester makes a series of photographs, dedicated to the homeless. He has already visited Rome, Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas. Having arrived in Miami, he went to one of the most inhospitable areas.

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Sitting, and can’t reach the ground:

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When someone knocks on your door when you’re home alone


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Lil’ Wayne How to Love

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When your parents wake you up in the morning…



Need a laugh? Click here!

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